This Appearing World

This Appearing World

Marilyn Crispell, Richard Nunns, Jeff Henderson


The ancient tonalities of taonga puoro find themselves in a contemporary setting as Marilyn Crispell and Jeff Henderson weave a beautiful array of sonic textures and nuances around the evocative sounds of Richard Nunns. This Appearing World is a voyage into sonically uncharted territory through thirteen pieces that defy easy categorisation. Each track is a new ‘cinematic environment’ that simultaneously evokes ancient and post-apocalyptic vistas.

While freeform improvisation is a long-standing musical practice, the use of taonga puoro is rare, and Richard is the sole world exponent. The music on This Appearing World is unique to New Zealand.

The album was recorded and filmed over two days at the University of Auckland’s Kenneth Myers Centre. The video material (shot by Guy Quartermain and Keith Hill) is an equally unique and captivating document showing the interplay between three extraordinary musicians who had an all-too-brief chance to work together.Given the improvisational nature of the project, watching the musicians interact brings a greater intimacy to the music.

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